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My first post about Peer to Peer lending

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Hi, I'm John. I made the decision to publish this web site in order to document my FI journey and investment experiences, specifically in P2P lending. Each month I'll publish a review here on several of the numerous Peer to Peer lenders I intend to be investing with and data about my FI experience.

Within my profession I have worked in various careers but mostly in project administration throughout the world. Now I am retired and living in The EU. I actually have many close relatives and buddies who have an interest in learning how to invest properly. I started my website to help them and show them how to become Financially Independent and make early retirement (often known as FIRE). See here for more information on Early Retirement & Financial Independence

I actually became a member of the FIRE movement many years ago and became financially independent just a few years ago.

The FIRE (Financial Independence & Retire Early) movement is usually a lifestyle movement whose goal is financial freedom and retiring early. It is generally a community of folks that utilize websites and social media to transmit and get help on their own fiscal desired goals.

Those planning to achieve FIRE intentionally take full advantage of their financial savings level by finding ways to boost income or decrease expenses. The objective would be to build up assets until the ensuing passive income provides ample money for living expenses in perpetuity.

Numerous proponents of the FIRE movement suggest the 4% principle like a guide, therefore establishing an objective of no less than 30 times approximated annual living expenses. When achieving economic independence, paid for work becomes optional, permitting retirement from traditional work decades earlier than the typical pension age.

Hopefully this web site will help you to invest correctly and with intelligence so that you also can finish very early.

I started Peer to Peer Investing in 2016 with investment strategies in various Peer to Peer financing businesses. Since that time I have grown my funds to over 60 percent of what it was before.

My target is to share some wisdom about making an investment without boring you to tears. On route you, will discover appropriate and relevant articles that inform you of the steps to make additional money, keep much more of your capital, as well as invest so that it works for you over time.

The main focus of my blog is on investing, because that’s what I most enjoy writing about, but retiring early and the whole FIRE thing is another topic that I discuss quite a lot.

Remaining retired: it has been over three years since I retired and daily life has been great. I’m typically very occupied with our apartment and the blog. See that I didn’t say ‘stop working’ in the initial paragraph. No need to stop doing work once you retire. Many individuals volunteer, turn a hobby into a small business, or even start a 2nd profession when they retire. Every early retired person I am aware of continues to be working in some capacity. It’s not good for our emotional well being to avoid working completely when you’re still effective.

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All these hyperlinks change periodically, several are generally added because I find new, interesting blogs, and a few tend to be taken out because I no longer think they are pertinent. Remember to contact me if you discover any web sites you think I would be interested in.

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